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Nagios Exchange

Nagios® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • check_git_clean (nrpe)

    Plugin to check that git repo is clean. Used by me with /etc-like directories to be version controled. Usage: ./ -C returns OK if the tree is clean returns CRITICAL if there are uncommited changes returns WARNING if there are unpushed commits returns UNKNOWN if isn't a git repo

  • Check_AIX_users

    This checks the total number of users logged into an AIX V4.3 and V5

  • Check_AIX_swap

    This checks the swap space usage on AIX V4.3 and V5

  • Check_AIX_processes

    This checks processes on AIX V4.3 and V5

  • check_AIX_memory

    This checks the memory Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5

  • check_AIX_disk

    This checks the Disk Space Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5

  • Check_AIX_CPU

    This checks the CPU Utilization on AIX V4.3 and V5

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    This is a custom temperature/humidity sensor for Nagios. The unit costs less than $5 to make, including the 3d printed case.

  • check_mk_iostat_extended

    This is a plugin i wrote for the CHECK_MK. It parse output of IOSTAT and present it in the format acceptable for CHECK_MK. I recommend to cron it and output all to a file, and cat this file using CHECK_MK local check - it uses IOSTAT 2sec interval to get the realtime values - might be slow for someone. PNP template included. Still have same minor bugs, will be updated soon. J

  • Pnacssh - Passive Nagios checks via SSH

    Pnacssh is a versatile tool to set up secure passive monitoring via ssh with a few steps. Pnacssh has following features: •Based on monitoring templates (basic checks for Linux and Windows are included, easily extendable) •Create Nagios host and service definitions for the selected host and template •Create SSH keys •Configure SSH for secure communications •Create host-specific sftp setup for bulk transfers of monitoring results •Customize data collector scripts (Perl/Powershell) according to templates •Generate host-specific data collectors which can be run periodically (cron/scheduled task) •Monitoring incoming check results and feed them to Nagios via external command interface Pnacssh is capable to automate all steps involved in secure passive monitoring. All this functionaliy is available as a small perl script and a set of templates, making deployment and further customization an easy task.

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