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Nagios Exchange

Nagios Exchange

NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Insight Management Agents

Insight Management Agents

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • Check interface bandwidth

    Plugin for monitoring utilization of network interfaces linux and cisco. Compatible with nagvis and pnp4nagios.

  • dell_temperature_rise_check

    Reports excessive rise of temperatures on a dell server relying on omreport utility from dell. This plugin will not use absolute temperature, just its relative change. Used to warn of fan or Air conditionning failure.

  • Check Linux Server for Shellshock Bash Bug

    Nagios plugin to check a Linux server for Shellshock vulnerability by testing the output of two commands exploiting the bug that affects Bash up to and including version 4.3

  • check_naglio_netint

    This plugins gets 64 bit counters from device via SNMP, calculate rates # and use power of naglio to check them. Plugin returns stats variables as perfomance data for further nagios 2.0 post-processing, it was testet witch graphios. ( number of data change dinamicly as sytem change, so write in to rrd file is inefficient ) This program is based on by William Leibzon - william(at)

  • HP Lefthand P4000 Cluster Volume check

    Check with sh script the used space for the total Cluster Volume for a HP Lefthand P4500. Tested with 1 cluster volume and calculate the % of usage.

  • check_cputime

    This is a plugin designed using Bash script. This plugin is created so that 'Performance Gauges' in Nagios XI work properly, showing appropriate 'Warning' and 'Critical' regions.

  • Check Burp Backup

    A simple bash script to check the age of a BURP backup, some statistics (News, Deleted, Changes, ...) and warnings. Generate some perfdatas. Firt version, many text are in french.

  • Initiate MS Server Audit

    This script will start an audit of a Microsoft Windows Server with a quick action in Nagios XI and output results to html page stored in C:Nagios on the server.


    check_firebird is a Nagios plugin to check a specific Firebird Servers. check_firebird -u user -p password -H host -a action Options: -H/--host) Host Name of the server -u/--user) User name for authentication on Tomcat Manager Application -p/--password) Password for authentication on Tomcat Manager Application -d/--database) Database -a/--action) Actions (connection, timesync, custom_query) connection - Test connection timesync - Verifies the connection between the server and the database custom_query - Customized query. Required --query option -q/--query) SQL query returning a specified by --valype value -v/--valtype) Specifies the value returned seconds - expects a value in seconds -w/--warning and -c/--critical necessary. days - expects a value in days -w/--warning and -c/--critical necessary. integer - expects a value integer -w/--warning and -c/--critical necessary. string - under construction -e/--expected) Expect string

  • check_mod_jk_status

    Check the status of mod_jk load balancers by analysis of jkmanager's XML page from status

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