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easyNag for iPhone


easyNag for iPhone easyNag is a simple and easy to use app which gives you quick access to your nagios monitoring system.



check_wmic is a Nagios plugin to monitor Windows systems via WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) from Windows. It uses command line tool WMIC, available as standard from Windows XP/2003 on. check_wmi can be used as a Windows NRPE plugin as well as an ...


Event Host Change New!

Event handler to enable or disable active checks for all services on a host depending on the host state.


check_amanda.pl - Disk-to-Disk New!


This is a Nagios plugin to check that * All configured backups have a recent backup item * Backup sizes exceed a minumum size * A least N backup items are configured * If you are using Amanda backup, and * If your backups go to disk (Disk-to-D ...


Check_mswin_user New!


Check_mswin_user This is very simple script to check if a windows user account is disabled or not. It is created for security reasons in mind, to remind us if we have forget to close an windows account. More info: http://stamatisl.blogspot.gr/2015/01/nagios-script-to-c ...


Install NagiosCore4

This script install : - NagiosCore v4.0.8 - NagiosPlugins v2.0.3 - NRPE v2.15 - PnP4Nagios v0.6.24 - NDOUtils v2 - NConf v1.3.0




Check CPUs, fans, array controllers, logical / physical drives, temperature and power supplies on your Proliant servers or blade systems through SNMP.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Check Admin Up Oper Down New!


Check Admin Up Oper down uses SNMP to find interfaces which are enabled (no shutdown), but are still operationally down. It then reports an issue and lists the interfaces in the down state.


Custom URL Dashlet for Fusion New!


Define your own URL, dimensions, and opacity in this highly flexible dashlet!


check_smart3 New!


Extended version of the skript from Kurt Yoder and Philippe Genonceaux. Several improvements and fixes. Tested with LSI Fusion MPT, LSI MegaRaid (PERC 4 / 5 / 6, H700, H710) and LSI Fusion MPT SAS 2 on systems running Debian Wheezy. Might also work for ...


check_fujitsu_server.pl and check_fujitsu_server_CIM.pl

Version: 3.00 Monitor Fujitsu server like PRIMERGY Server and Blade and PRIMEQUEST or monitor ServerView RAID. Monitor via SNMP or CIM. Special feature: SNMP Monitoring via iRMC address available. The complete package, including documentation and too ...

/Category:Fujitsu Siemens

Nagios XI – How To Update check_wmi_plus.pl New!


This document describes how to how to upgrade the version of check_wmi_plus.pl plug-in. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators and maintainers who would like to update their current version of the check_wmi_plus.pl This process h ...

Check_MK Multisite


Check_MK Multisite Check_MK Multisite is a comprehensive status GUI for Nagios that uses MK-Livestatus as backend.

/Category:Web Interfaces



Thruk Thruk is a CGI replacement which connects to multiple Nagios instances using the Livestatus addon. It is designed to be a "dropin" replacement and covers all of the original features plus additional enhancements for large installations and increased usab ...

/Category:Web Interfaces

Check Java Version


This plugin checks the installed version of Java and compares it to the latest available version.



A very fast SNMP based disk space checker for NetApp NAS filers, which supports both Volumes and QTrees, also over 2TB.


xMatters Integration


This integration allows xMatters users to integrate with Nagios Core and XI to allow for the initiation of communication events triggered by an email alert. Version 2 has been updated to use the xMatters On-Demand REST API, removing any dependencies o ...



Simple (Ruby) Plugin checking IBM Server Health using Integrated Management Module (IMM). Requirements: ruby, snmp Mayby sudo e.g: nagios = NOPASSWD: /bin/ruby Usage: check_ibm_imm_health.rb Documentation: Read the Script. Less than 50 lines ...



Simply check https host.