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Category: IIS

Nagios plugins for monitoring IIS.

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Check an IIS Application pool state

Check an IIS Application pool state This plugin checks for the state of an IIS application pool.

Check IIS 7 Application Pool State

This plugin check the state of an Application Pool in IIS 7.0 (Windows Server 2008)



Simple bash used for verifying that a windows ntlm auth is working. -updated17:th june, missed a -w in the script.


check_iis Simple dirty check_iis plugin for collecting statistics from IIS with snmp.


So How can we know the IIS server is responding to all petitions? Well I found a way to go directly in the IIS log files and get the results from there. They key was logparser Its very usefull to monitor, if the site is acting wierd or is being attacked ...


A quick VB script to test the status of an IIS web site. Usage: cscript //nologo //T:60 check_iis_site.vbs "site comment"