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VMWare Server monitor

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vmware.cfgNRPE extension
Monitors a VMWare Server's VMs This is intended to be run on the remote server running VMWare Server via NRPE / OpsView Agent
Automatically retrieves a list of VMs from VMWare Server

* Checks if any VMs are switched off

* Checks if any VMs are using more than 1.5x their allocated memory

* Checks if any VMs have an uptime of less than 10 minutes

* Checks if any VMs have an invalid configuration file path

Has been developed with OpsView 2.14 on RHEL5, but should work on any Nagios version on Linux.

Save the plugin check_vmware_server.sh to your VMWare Server, and the vmware.cfg NRPE config file to /usr/local/nagios/etc/local