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Category: Operating Systems

Plugins for monitoring various operating systems.

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check Puppet Agent


This simple plugin checks if puppet agent is up and running.




check_cputime This is a plugin designed using Bash script. This plugin is created so that 'Performance Gauges' in Nagios XI work properly, showing appropriate 'Warning' and 'Critical' regions.

check_disk_write.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection...


Checks a disk is writable and functioning properly by writing a tiny canary file with unique generated contents and then reading it back to make sure it was written properly. Useful to detect I/O errors and disks that have been re-mounted read-only as ...


check_list_smbfolder_guest Get if a folder is shared, using the guest user for query. Windows or Unix shared working...


Simple script to check path exists on linux. Remember that you can check windows/other filesystems paths using NFS/SAMBA/SMB/OTHER mounting point. Enjoy it!



This tests how long it has been since the puppet agent was last run, and exits with OK, Warning or Critical status depending on the interval. This is useful in installations where the puppet agent is being run by a cron job, rather than the daemon.

check_snmp_memory - Monitoring the memory

Checks the memory (physical and virtual) usage for Windows, Solaris, Linux servers, Cisco firewalls and MacAffee WebGateway By Martin Fuerstenau


Check_vos returns operating system a computer (Linux or...

Check_vos returns operating system a computer (Linux or Microsoft). This script uses Shell.


Checks if there are any System alert messages active on xenServer pool/host. Requires atleast XenServer 6.2.0 version as message priorities are not defined properly on older versions. Uses XenAPI. Tested on CentOS 5.9.


Nagios Puppet Plugin


This is small script that can monitor your Puppet installation and its components.


Unix/Linux Check Diskspace of Partition/Volume/Mount

Check the capacity of a volume using df. Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, and OSX.

Unix/Linux Check Filesystem Status by Directory

Shell script that recursively checks for filesystem input/output errors by directory using stat. Depth is configurable.